Our groups and programs

Our four different age groups have been established to educate and provide care for children aged 1.5 through 6 years old. The flexible programs have been developed to fit the needs of every child and family that come to our centers.


These programs include:

  • Monday to Friday, half or full day
  • Monday-Wednesday-Friday, half or full day
  • Tuesday and Thursday, half or full day

Toddlers group - 2 to 3 years old

This group provides parents the opportunity to accompany their children throughout their school activities until they feel familiar and comfortable enough to attend classes by themselves. Our teachers and their lesson plans encourage and support the children as they develop their language, communication skills, relationships with peers and adults, as well as their muscles. Our weekly schedule consists of a variety of inspiring activities and games to help the kids explore the world around them through the five senses and to stimulate early brain development. Plenty of physical activity, songs, books and guided playtime are also incorporated in our daily plans. Children are continuously motivated to direct their attention to objects, repeat words and actions, and also follow simple directions such as grasp, pull, etc. 


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K0 - 3 to 4 years old

We believe that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Our curriculum and weekly schedule are rich in engaging activities that allow kids to participate actively, enjoy and have fun while learning plenty of new things every day.

Our teachers help toddlers develop a broad range of skills, including language and communication, self-help, social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and gross and fine motor. These skills are practiced daily and reinforced through our lessons, music time, yoga and sports, story time, art projects and creative play. By consistently talking, listening and explaining things and actions to our toddlers, we expand their vocabulary, promote self-esteem and stimulate their perception of the world around them. 


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K1 - 4 to 5 years old(open in 2020)

Our children are continuously motivated to learn new skills by playing and working with others. Challenging tasks and dynamic activities are part of their curriculum, meeting their endless curiosity and stimulating their imagination.   

Our structured, yet flexible learning process offers many hands-on experiences and aims to prolong the kids’ attention spans and promote respect of authority and others by following instructions, taking turns, listening, caring and sharing. In K1, kids are introduced to our Jelic Class (Brain Development System), which places a special focus on problem solving skills through counting, matching, sorting and building activities. Patterns, shape recognition, numbers, letters, phonics and writing are also approached in class. 


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K2 - 5 to 6 years old(open in 2020)

At this age, children are full of wonder and eagerness to learn, perform and share new abilities. We encourage continuous intellectual, social-emotional, physical, independence and language development through activities and real life situations. This will promote team-work, physical strength, flexibility and coordination, decision making, phonetics, writing, reading, singing, mathematics and spatial awareness. In K2, we incorporate fun and entertaining topics with age appropriate lessons in science and technology, math as well as literacy in order to prepare children for their future school transition. Our teachers guide the kids through well-established structures and routines presented every day. They also expand on every school experience with rich vocabulary, strong connections and permanent care. Jelic Class (Brain Development System) is also taught in this group, helping our students gain problem solving and organizational skills.

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Our classes

At Melody, our children enjoy and learn through a creative and theme based curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet their educational needs. Focus is placed on the developmental milestones for each age group and every topic is addressed from six different areas of study: Language & Communication, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Physical Development and Social Skills. We want to make sure the children have the best learning experience with us. All of our classes are conducted in small learning groups, providing children with substantial teacher contact, attention and coaching. The teachers comply with the structure of our curriculum and encourage the process more than the outcome using many teaching strategies. Students are immersed in a broad range of fun activities, tasks and games which motivate and praise their involvement where they will foster a love for learning. 

Music: This class is for full day students and it is conducted by a Chinese teacher with experience in music. The aim is to encourage creativity and create awareness of simple musical elements such as rhythm, tone, beat, musical instruments, etc.
Danse: This class is for full day students. A professional dance teacher from our partner dance school ZHOUJIE coaches our students with a mix of music, art and movement. The children learn plenty of Chinese songs and traditional dances while reinforcing their Mandarin, body control and motor skills.
Motor skills class (yoga & sports): This class is taught in all groups by our foreign teachers. It is a fusion of basic yoga positions, sport and games that involve a lot of movement and coordination. The children enjoy both, high energy and relaxation periods.
Jelic class: This class is for children aged 3.5-6 years old. This brain development system presents a great variety of games and hands-on activities, allowing kids to alter items like shapes, manipulatives, numbers, letters and graphics. Focus is placed on logical thinking processes and problem solving skills.
5 senses: This class is taught by our foreign teachers for children aged 1.5 to 3.5 years old. Dedicated to stimulating sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in young children, this class promotes learning and exposure to the world around in safe and inspiring ways through individual and group activities.
English class: This class is taught in all groups by our experienced foreign teachers. All our morning lessons and activities are conducted in English. the language acquisition is fostered through daily exposure and real life situations to which children can attach their new language skills.
Chinese class: This class is for full day kids only. All our afternoon lessons and activities are conducted in Chinese by our experienced Chinese teachers. The Chinese language acquisition is encouraged by daily exposure and real life situations to which kids can attach their new language skills.
Science & technology: This class is taught in all groups by our foreign teachers. Science and technology are found in every little aspect of our lives, and this class proposes a space where inquisitive spirits are cultivated and kids actively contribute in making sense of how some things work through age appropriate activities.
Math class: This class is taught in all groups by our foreign teachers. Number awareness, recognition and writing, counting, matching and sorting skills are all approached using several props and dynamic games generally related to our topics. Basic addition and subtraction are also part of our curriculum.
Art attack: This class is taught in all groups by our foreign and Chinese teachers. Art class offers many hands-on projects inspired in the topics of our curriculum and developed through a wide range of materials and mediums. This allows kids to be creative using plenty of visual references.
Cooking class: This class is conducted by our Chinese teachers for full day students. The children take pleasure in cooking and eating simple, yet yummy Chinese and Western snacks and desserts. Our Kids are also introduced to many cooking ingredients (their properties and benefits) and healthy eating habits.

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