Our summer camp welcomes all families and children in our community to experience all the excitement and fun of this specially designed program that lasts eight weeks.

During this time our learning groups, fees and school hours remain the same as in our standard programs. children are encouraged by our foreign and Chinese teachers to engage in numerous adventures, lessons and games that introduce new topics and reinforce what they have already learnt. 

What classes do we offer at The Kids Club?

July & August

1.5-6 years old children

Summer camp enriches our curriculum with meaningful thematic units along with educational and relaxing activities. This includes body painting, origami, art projects, swimming days, movie days, park excursions, parents & kids yoga, field trips and plenty of sun shine. 

We invite you to contact us for further details on registration and enrollment.


THE KIDS CLUB (available at the Hongqiao Campus)

288 Chengjiaqiao Road, Tower B, 1st floor, Close to Yan'an Xi Road.


What is the The Kids Club?

The Kids Club is an after school and weekend club that offers classes in English Phonics, Fitness Class, English Story Telling, Chinese Mandarin, and JELIC multiple intelligences development for our current students and also for local children from other kindergartens and preschools aged 3 to 8 years old.

Children can have fun, make new friends, keep fit and learn English at the same time. 


What is our goal?

The Kids Club aims to provide a happy environment where children can:

  • Improve English Language Skills
  • Develop Communication Skills
  • Improve Team Work Skills (leadership, motivation, helping, sharing)
  • Improve their Body (Stronger, Fitter, More Flexible, Healthier)
  • Develop Coordination Skills
  • Improve problem solving ability
  • Build good friendships
  • Be happy and have fun!

English Phonics Class

We offer English classes for children aged 3-8 years old. We offer a Level 1 beginners class for children aged 3-6 years old and Level 2 class for children aged 5-8 years old. The classes have a curriculum that covers all the basics of the English language with a focus on phonics and spoken English throughout the course. The course is designed to be fun, interactive and interesting to ensure the children love learning English.



JELIC is a set of learning tools to develop both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It consists of 450 learning boxes, containing over 3000 multiple intelligences games and is suitable for children aged 3-6 years old. Every step of the JELIC learning program is carefully designed and well integrated into a complete and well-sequenced curriculum of hands-on exercises and thinking, to stimulate and develop children's full potential at their own pace.

JELIC was developed by international experts, including early childhood education experts, mathematicians, and psychologists, using the multiple intelligences concept of Howard Gardner, the child psychology theory of Jean Piaget, and the teaching philosophy and method of Maria Montessori.


Fit Kids

The Fit Kids class can develop children’s physical abilities whilst providing an environment where they can have fun, make friends, build confidence, develop their communication and team work skills, all in an English speaking environment. It is led by Coach Mike, a British certified personal fitness trainer who is also an experienced English teacher.

The fitness classes will focus on these four key areas of development:

1 - Flexibility, Stability and Balance

2 - Fitness and Strength Endurance

3 - Sports skills (Hand-eye co-ordination)

4 - Team Work

Classes last for one hour and include warm-up, cool-down and a short break.


English Story Time

Join our English story time class as we read a different book each week and explore many classic children’s stories.


Chinese Mandarin Class

Join our Chinese Mandarin class and learn some basic Mandarin and have fun learning some classic stories from the ancient Chinese culture.



Currently we have classes on Saturday afternoons from 2pm and some midweek after school classes from 4:30pm.


Contact us for the latest availability on: 

  • Mobile: 00 (86) 18301784795
  • Phone office: 00 (86) 21 64387603
  • E-mail: melodypreschool@163.com

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