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Our school first opened in 2005 in Shanghai’s Former French Concession. Since then, we have been offering inspiring family orientated programs for Chinese and international families.

Our creative curriculum is based on insightful weekly topics and six areas of studies including: Language & Communication, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Physical Development and Social Skills. 

The preschool has also established a strong and long-term partnership with Jiezhou School; recognized in China as a prominent dance and arts school with several campuses across the country and one in Boston USA.


At Melody Jiezhou Art & International Preschool, our mission is to keep the children cheerful in a safe, supportive and comfortable learning environment. Here they can develop at their own pace, while having fun and keep intact the magic of their childhood.



Welcome to Melody Jiezhou Art & International Preschool

We have established a rhythm with inventive play, structured lessons and activities that focus on an integral development. The children will learn the acquisition of independence, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, ethics, and love for one-self and others.


The staff and children at Melody Jiezhou Art & International Preschool from different backgrounds and countries, creating a multicultural and educational experience for each child. We invite you to contact us and visit our campuses to experience in person what sets our school apart from others.


Thank you and we look forward to becoming your partner in your child’s education.



The Melody Team. 



Our philosophy

We believe in:


Parental involvement with their child

Parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. A quality and cooperative parent-teacher relationship is important for our preschool. We are consistent to keep parents informed of their child's progress through emails, phone calls, lesson plans, images, assessment, as well as parent-teacher meeting and school events. We welcome parents to question, comment and express any concerns at any time.

Fun and hands-on learning.

We believe that explanations and processes are more important than the result itself. Our lessons have a strong focus on a daily and continuous teacher-child interaction with explanations of situations and observations of the world around us. Our teachers believe that young children learn through play and their play is their work. Under this philosophy, they provide entertaining and fun lessons that allow children to play as they are guided to engage through experiment and achieve academic, social and physical tasks. 

The importance of creating an ethical environment.

Children have a great learning potential and by providing the right setting is fundamental to help them meet academic and social standards. We are committed to provide a safe and stimulating environment full of varied, fascinating and challenging opportunities for every child to learn and grow in a community of respect and personal responsibility. At our school we nurture personal growth, independence and respect for all.

Huangpu Campus  

Half day programs 8:30-12:00

Full day programs 8:30-4:30

Address: No. 20, Lane 56 Jianguo West Road, Huangpu District

Tel: 00 (86) 21 - 64227737 


Dedicated to children aged 1.5 to 4 years old, this campus offers English-Chinese preschool programs.


This location has spacious classrooms, a library, an art room, a large ball pit which includes a climbing wall and a trampoline, toy rooms and an extensive outdoor play ground with riding toys, slides, tricycles, bouncing balls, boxing bags, obstacle games, a pond with fish and a garden with trees, flowers and vegetables. Music plays an important role in our daily activities and the small learning groups allow our teachers and children for plenty of one on one interaction.



Xuhui Campus (Xingguo)

Full day programs 8:30-4:30


Address: Lane 89 XinGuo Road, House 91. Close to Huashan Road.

Tel: 00 (86) 21 6438 7603


Dedicated to families with children aged 2 to 6 years old, this campus offers English-Chinese and French-Chinese preschool programs.


This campus is located right next to a beautiful and peaceful park in the Former French concession. The facilities offer spacious classrooms with plenty of natural light, an exciting Lego room, a ball pit with a climbing wall, a sand pit, a large playground, a dance room, a library, an art & crafts room and several small playrooms. Music plays an important role in our daily routines and the small learning groups allow each child to have sufficient attention from teachers and be actively involved in all activities.

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